LSAT Insights

Published 2019-01-22

What's a Good LSAT Score?

Do you want a bad LSAT score? No way! Everyone studying for the LSAT want to do their very best to gain admittance to the school of their dreams. This is why it's vital to learn what makes a good LSAT score, as it can shed some light on application chances, especially to top tier law schools. Get your pen and paper ready to take some notes—you're going to learn more about LSAT scoring than you could have ever imagined!

Published 2019-01-21

Digital Changes to the LSAT & New Test Dates 2019

Changes are coming to the LSAT. Are you prepared? No one likes to hear that an important exam taken by countless students each year is being altered, but what if those changes are actually to your benefit? The LSAT will begin the transition from paper to digital in 2019, starting as early as July. Additionally, there will be three more LSAT test dates than last year. Don't fall behind when it comes to the LSAT and your course of study—stay abreast of what is to come!

Published 2018-11-06

LSAT Score Percentiles

If you understand your LSAT score percentiles, you can better understand your course of study. Who wouldn't want a clearer and more streamlined approach with sharper goals in mind? Whether it's learning the 25th and 75th percentiles from some of the nation's most elite law schools or determining your projected score based off national averages, this article is here to provide the insight and knowledge you need to up your LSAT game. Why wait any longer in the dark without a set plan on how to proceed? We give you all you need to know on LSAT percentiles with the data to back it up.

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